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You may download the HARRY KURZ translation (with an introduction by MURRAY N. ROTHBARD) by clicking here:   The_Politics_of_Obedience–Discourse_of_Voluntary_Servitude_1553_by_Etienne_de_la_Boetie   Courtesy of John-Henry Hill, M.D., Ph.D.

How to Respond to Contempt of Court while in the Courtroom – by Pam Gaston

If you know the LAW (Common Law) and the history of the evolution of Law in America, you should know by know NEVER to enter a government courtroom. BUT if you should somehow find yourself in a courtroom (perhaps dragged in the police), here is a very useful article. Note: It covers only ONE of […]

The “United States” – the federal government – is DEAD !! and Other Ramblings

“Ramblings” by John-Henry Hill, M.D., Ph.D. ; May 8, 2017 These are ramblings in no coherent order. I do NOT seek to teach anything to anyone – it is far too late for that!  “The Titanic has sailed and she ain’t coming back.” So, at this point in history I am just going to sit […]

The Buying Power of U.S. Dollar Over Past 100 Years – with CHARTS

The Buying Power of U.S. Dollar Over Past 100 Years – with CHARTS by John-Henry Hill, M.D., Ph.D. April 6, 2017 As a teenager I recall filling up my Dad’s car’s gas tank for 29 cents per gallon. (It used to bother me that his car, with a 390 cubic inch engine, required “high-test” gasoline, […]

How to Defeat Tyranny: Active Disobedience by the “voluntary slaves” 4/4/2017

How to Defeat Tyranny: Active Disobedience We Are All Voluntary Slaves: A Lesson on How to Defeat Tyranny by John-Henry Hill, M.D. December 27, 2012 Re-published: April 4, 2017 “The only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized community, against his will, is to prevent harm […]

DEBT CEILING Limit Does NOT Cause Government Shutdown 3/26/2017

DEBT CEILING Limit Does NOT Cause Government Shutdown by John-Henry Hill, M.D. March 26, 2017 I was prompted to write this brief essay to correct some misinformation in the article “Watch These Geopolitical Flashpoints Carefully” by Brandon Smith of and reposted in on March 24, 2017 under the same title. (Source: ) […]

Government: A Neighborhood Association Analogy 3/24/2017

Government: A Neighborhood Association Analogy by John-Henry Hill, M.D. September 5, 2014 Revised: March 24, 2017 MAXIMS OF LAW: “The contract makes the Law.” “An undisputed affidavit of claim stands as truth in commerce.” “An unrebutted affidavit stands as the truth and a fact of Law in the case.” In America, the right of the […]