BEST VIDEOS re: JFK Assassination

BEST VIDEOS re: JFK Assassination


1.)    JFK Part I: A National Security Event – Oswald Didn’t Do It


2.)    JFK Part II: A National Security Event – How It Was Done



by Groden Films and New Frontier Video Productions; GoldenFilms Production

Based on the books:“The Killing of a President” by Robert J. Groden (1993); and  “JFK: The Case for Conspiracy” by F. Peter Model and Robert J. Groden; F. Peter Model & Co., (1976)


4.)     What happened To JFK And Why It Matters Today – Jim Fetzer (2011)

Presented November 22, 2011 on the occasion of the 48th observance of the death of our 35th President at the University of Wisconsin-Madison under the sponsorship of the Sifting and Winnowing Club. The speaker, Jim Fetzer, Ph.D., a former Marine Corps officer and McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth, has chaired or co-chaired four national conferences on JFK and edited three books on the subject as well as giving hundreds of interviews.

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