Each of the 50 independent, sovereign states of the Union is a FOREIGN COUNTRY with respect to the other 49 Union states AND with respect to the United States government. —— an absolute “MUST READ”

In “COOPERATIVE FEDERALISM” Dr. Brown explains the difference between the jurisdictions of the “United States” (the U.S. government in Washington, DC) and the 50 independent, sovereign “states of the Union”. He does NOT offer his opinions. Instead, he illustrates the historical facts primarily through citations of U.S. Supreme Court decisions.

Each of the 50 independent, sovereign states of the Union is a FOREIGN COUNTRY with respect to the other 49 Union states AND with respect to the United States government. Therefore, unless a specific power was given to Congress in the Constitution, acts passed by Congress have NO authority or jurisdiction within the 50 Union states. Such acts passed by Congress (federal statutes) apply ONLY within Washington, DC, federal territories, and areas within a state ceded to the United States government for certain purposes.

Indeed, regulations by executive branch agencies, most rulings by federal courts, and even presidential “Executive Orders” apply only within Washington, DC (plus U.S. government employees). In short, except for powers explicitly enumerated in the Constitution, the United States government has NO jurisdiction within any of the 50 sovereign states of the Union for the simple fact that each state is its own sovereign country. Likewise, each state (a sovereign country) has jurisdiction ONLY over the people within that particular state. Thus, the New York state government has NO jurisdiction or authority over a man or woman who resides in Maine or any other of the Union states OR Washington, DC.  The New York state government has jurisdiction only within its physical boundaries. All other 49 states of the Union AND Washington, DC are considered “foreign states” (i.e., foreign countries).    —-  by John-Henry Hill



by Dr Gerald Alan Brown

September 14, 2017

This essay is truly a absolute “MUST READ.

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  1. Paul Meyer, M.D. Ph.D. · ·

    John-Henry, it is obvious that “legaleze” is based on English vocabulary and syntax, but has been adapted to obfuscate the real meaning of the language for those being manipulated with it. Do you know of, or can you direct me to, a (more or less comprehensive) ‘legaleze to English’ dictionary, or similar resource? I admire your research to the point of envy; like yourself I’m a retired physician, but I retired at age 75 and am very late in asking the right questions.

  2. Excellent discussion. For me, the reality and SADDER fact is that most Americans have VOLUNTEERED to be ‘labeled”and “treated” as U.S. citizen & federal employees by the commercial (maritime/admiralty) contracts they have made with the U.S. Beast, unknowingly becoming “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” and taken OUTSIDE of the land jurisdiction of the American Republic!! Revelations says ‘GET OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE’. Sadly, again, most will scratch their heads and not want to relieve themselves of the commercial burdens they have accepted voluntarily!!! Thank you John-Henry for your awesome work!!! a:)

    1. Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, most Americans have been taught FALSE American history. They have NO idea that the UNITED STATES (in capital letters) is a British-owned PRIVATE Corporation and they have UNKNOWINGLY CONSENTED to be an employee/agent of that corporation – by accepting BENEFITS of any kind OR by PRESUMPTION on the part of the U.S. government, especially the courts! Remember: “Silence is consent.” In court, if you do NOT OBJECT formally (best via a written and notarized “Affidavit of Truth” submitted to the court beforehand) on the record to its jurisdiction, then you have “consented”. Simply by appearing in the court room is PRESUMED to be consent. Thus, they need to obey that corporations policies, just as a Walmart or McDonalds employees must obey those companies policies.

      HOWEVER, even if a person has educated himself thoroughly regarding the law versus U.S. corporate policy, it takes a lot of COURAGE to challenge the government, especially the courts!!! Even if a person does everything correctly to prove he/she is a private man or woman, the courts just UNLAWFULLY punish that person – usually via “contempt of court” (with either a fine or jail time). And the judge has the court’s police to DRAG you away!!! Even your ATTORNEY, if you are stupid enough to hire one, will NOT assist you. As an “officer of the court” his first duty is to the court, NOT to you; and justice be damned. (I am sure you know that the BAR to which attorneys must belong means “British Accredited Registry”, a sub-corporation of the British UNITED STATES corporation.

      Keep reading, studying and, if you have the time, pass on your information to others !!! You may shock them, but maybe they will begin to work to help restore the REPUBLIC created by the REAL original Constitution.

      Best wishes to you!


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  4. gitardood · ·

    Except that as Judge Anna Von Reitz has pointed out that by incorporation of the states, and then incorporation of the people (both into UNITED STATES and into incorporated inhabitants of their municpality), they are subsets of the corporate UNITED STATES and thus subject to its laws, codes and regulations. The same process took place in CANADA, UK, NZ, AU, and about 98% of the nations of the world. Thus as UNITED STATES and all the rest are owned (subsets of) the CROWN CORPORATION based in the City of London (not London UK), divesture of the people as men adn women, and the states, from this corporate bondage is required.

    1. You are right and wrong. New York state IS NOT THE SAME as the STATE OF NEW YORK. New York state is a sovereign country. The STATE OF NEW YORK is a sub-corporation of the corporate U.S. government.

      There are the 50 states of the Union, each a sovereign country. The United States government is solely the administrator of the legal TRUST created by the Constitution. The U.S. government, like any TRUSTEE, is bound by the limited rules that created it (the Constitution) and is subserviant to the TRUSTOR (the 50 Union states. The Constitution outlines the organization of the TRUSTEE and explicitly lists the ONLY functions it can perform. Any other acts (Statues) it passes apply ONLY to DC, U.S. territories and possessions. They do NOT apply to the 50 Union states OR to the people within those 50 Union states – UNLESS a state or a man/woman CONTRACTS with the U.S. government (and thus falls under its jurisdiction for that ONE statute).

      The “incorporation” of the 50 Union states (and their municipalities) was a legal, but unconstitutional act by the U.S government CORPORATION created around 1871. In effect, it created 50 additional “states” as 50 corporations. Since the 50 corporations (e.g., STATE OF WASHINGTON) is a subsidiary corporation of the corporate U.S., it falls under the jurisdiction of the U.S. government.

      HOWEVER, as long as a man/woman DENIES that he/she is a “U.S. citizen” and affirmatively states (best in a notarized affidavit) that he/she lives in the Union state x and is NON-RESIDENT ALIEN with respect to the other 49 Union states and with respect to the U.S. government, the man/woman remains a sovereign man/woman. The ONLY way he/she can fall under the JURISDICTION of the corporate U.S. is via a CONTRACT with mutual agreement.

      Of course, the U.S. government is corrupt (as are all) and makes the PRESUMPTION that you have already agreed to be under the JURISDICTION of the U.S. government. Maxim of Law: “A presumption NOT rebutted becomes a fact of law in a case.” Thus, in EVERY interaction with government (local, state, U.S), one must explicitly state in writing in a sworn affidavit your status as a sovereign, independent man – handed to a Court Clerk – but NEVER, EVER go into a court room !!! That places the burden on the government to prove otherwise – providing you have a non-corrupt judge (which in VERY UNLIKELY).

      1. gitardood · ·

        Thanks John – I was aware of that tho 🙂
        UNITED STATES is a Crown Corporation sub corporation. Most Americans are unaware of it, and some who are think Crown refers to the occupant of Buckingham Palace – it doesn’t. It’s a corp located in City of London (the Square Mile) which is one of the 3 heads of the modern Cereberus.

    2. Not quite true. There are essentially TWO states for each state: there in “New York” and there is the “STATE OF NEW YORK”. “New York” is one of the various states still under the Constitution. The “STATE OF NEW YORK” is a CORPORATION created by the owners of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION; so it is NOT really a state, but rather a commercial enterprise. All 50 of these CORPORATE STATES are subsidiaries of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION, which is which Congress can pass unconstitutional statutes — these statutes do NOT apply to the 50 various states or the people therein. These statutes apply ONLY to the CORPORATE STATES.

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