WHO truly owns the Federal Reserve Bank? (as CHARTS)


WHO truly OWNS the Federal Reserve Bank?     (as CHARTS in a .PDF file)

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Question: What is the “Belgium Relief Commission“? (You will see it listed very often on the charts presented) It is important, since this Belgium Relief Commission appears to have been responsible for starting World War I, preventing an armistice in 1916 that both the Allies and Germany desperately wanted; pushed the U.S. involvement into World War I, which over 90% of Americans opposed; financed Adolph Hitler and the build-up of the German military; and caused World War II – including  attempts by Hitler to negotiate a peace with England and France  (and withdrawing all German troops from the German-occupied countries in Western Europe). This peace plan was presented to Winston Churhill and various British diplomats, who were instructed by Churchill to have NO further contacts regarding this topic! See David Irving’s 4 volume book, “Churchill’s War” for documentary evidence of these facts.) And President Franklin Roosevelt knew about Germany’s peace proposals to Churchill – and he did NOTHING to stop the war between Germany and Britain, and later the United States! Hitler made it very clear that his sole goal was to attack the Soviet Union; and he viewed Britain and the U.S. as Germany’s “natural allies”. (again, documented in Irving’s book). So just WHO or WHAT is the Belgium Relief Commission that is responsible for all these wars???? And was it the force and financier behind the creation of the “Bilderberg Group”, the  Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and other such groups in the U.S. and Europe?


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