The REAL American Flag —plus other U.S. Flags you commonly see in the U.S. – 7/19/2015

The REAL American Flag

by John-Henry Hill, M.D.


In fact, there are 3 flags of the United States of America (and for most other nations) according to the still current International Maritime Law (the section called “Law of the Flag”).

The next time you walk into a court room or any other state or federal building, take notice of the flag being displayed !!! Even if YOU do not know what the flag is warning you, it is telling you something. And “ignorance of the law is no excuse”!

You were given “fair warning” – and it is YOUR problem that you did not recognize or understand the warning or the law behind it.

The instant you appear in ANY court room displaying the “Stars and Sripes”with Gold Fringe flag, you have CONSENTED (by your mere physical presence) to the Maritime-Admiralty JURISDICTION of the court. Better to write a letter to the clerk and judge in their PRIVATE CAPACITIES (using their FULL NAMES) and NOT even mention their official titles, in which you accept “complete and unlimited commercial liability” as a man filing a counter-claim against the judge as a man in his PRIVATE CAPACITY (using his FULL NAME) and NOT even mentioning his official title. In your written and filed (served upon the judge personally or by the Court Clerk or a private Service Company) your counter-claim in which you CHALLENGE THE COURT’S JURISDICTION over you. (Of note, your written counter-claim serves as your “court appearance”, so the judge can NOT issue an arrest warrant and/or fine you for “failure to appear”.) Unless the judge, usually in a pre-trial meeting, can absolutely PROVE jurisdiction over you, his court can proceed no further against you and must dismiss all charges. In effect, you created YOUR OWN “Common Law” court – the ONLY true court of record – in which YOU were the TRIBUNAL (decider of facts and law) and the “judge” was a mere administrator who could make NO decisions or rulings. And if he did so anyway, you later simply type up a “writ of error” for each of his erroneous rulings (even if they were FAVORABLE to you!!!!) and issue YOUR OWN COURT’S (under the Common Law (with YOU as the Tribunal) written rulings (sent to the judge in his PRIVATE CAPACIITY as a man) either voiding or accepting what he stated, as “you wish”. But you ALWAYS OBJECT to any decision or ruling he makes, even if favorable to you, since by NOT objecting during your meeting, you are CONSENTING to his taking over JURISDICTION of your court, making it HIS court!

 1.) The REAL “American Flag”:    The U.S. Civil Flag of Peacetime



2.) The U.S. Military Flag of Peacetime


3.)  The U.S. Military Flag of War

(Signifies “martial law” operating under Maritime-Admiralty Law; with the Constitution and the Common Law of America suspended) The instant you appear





  1. Keith O Little · · Reply

    Where can I get one of the US Civil flags of Peacetime and how much is it?
    Great info and will be re re re re re reading it!!

  2. […] The REAL American Flag —plus other U.S. Flags you commonly see in the U.S. – 7/19/2… […]

    1. Sorry, but I did not understand your comment. Did you like or approve of the essay OR not?

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