The Three Flags of the United States of America – You have been warned!

The THREE Flags of the United States of America —

You have been warned!

by John-Henry Hill, M.D.

March 30, 2013

Revised: April 25, 2015

The next time you walk into a courtroom or other government building in America, take notice of the American flag. In most instances the flag will be the so-called “Stars-and-Stripes” flag with gold-fringe. Just what does this gold-fringe mean? If you think the golf-fringe is merely a decorative addition, then you need to do some research on the “Law of the Flag” and international maritime law.

First, the REAL “United States Civil Flag of Peacetime” is NOT the familiar “stars-and-stripes” flag, either with or without the gold-fringe. The REAL “U.S. Civil Flag of Peacetime” contains blue stars on a white background, with vertical, alternating red and white stripes. This flag signifies that that the Common Law (the “Law of the Land”) and the Constitution remain in effect.



Before 1940, NO United States flag, either civil or military, routinely flew over state government and private buildings within the forty-eight states, except in federal non-military settings and on federal military installations. Only individual STATE flags normally flew over most non-federal government and private buildings in America. And within the various states, when the “U.S. Civil Flag of Peacetime” was flown, it traditionally flew SOLELY over federal, non-military buildings, such as post offices and federal non-military buildings within the states.

The familiar “star and stripes” flag is actually the “U.S. Military Flag of Peacetime”, in which the Common Law (the “Law of the Land”) and the Constitution remain in effect for CIVILIANS (non-military personnel) within the various states, except for U.S. MILITARY installations and U.S. Territories where military law is in effect., as well as U.S. ships as the ship’s Ensign to identify its nationality under Maritime Law.


It was traditionally flown over U.S. military buildings during peacetime and federal buildings within the territories (which operate under martial law) . Thus, in the photo below we see two flags displayed outside a U.S. Customs house in Alaska in 1997. The bottom U.S. Customs flag (a modified U.S. CIVIL Flag of Peacetime) signifies to American civilians that the RIGHTS guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution remain in effect. The top flag (the U.S. MILITARY Flag of Peacetime) signifies to foreigners entering the U.S. that they may be subject to administrative, military law of peacetime with limited or no protections under the Constitution.


On the seas (the oceans and navigable rivers) the law is very different: it is variously called “Maritime Law”, “Law Merchant”, “Admiralty Law” and “Commercial Law” in which the Common Law and the Constitution do NOT apply.  It is administrative in nature, rather than judicial. In the early and mid-1900’s the Common Law in America was slowly replaced by statutory commercial law – in fact, the entire U.S. Code was replaced by the Uniform Commercial Code (called the UCC), thereby divorcing all U.S. statutory law from the Common Law and tying it instead to Maritime-Admiralty-Commercial Law in which you have NO rights; only privileges granted to you by the government. (Since the 1935 institution of Social Security and the Buck Act of 1940, 4 U.S.C.S. Ch. 4 Sec. 104-113,  the federal government has  entirely circumvented the U.S. Constitution, and has overlaid federal territorial jurisdiction on the sovereign States, bringing them under the admiralty/military jurisdiction of Law Merchant, the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), the law of Creditors and Debtors.) Under the international Law of the Flag, the gold-fringed U.S. Military flag signifies that one is entering maritime-admiralty jurisdiction equivalent to military law (martial law) during wartime.


To illustrate the jurisdictional implications signified by the various flags, under Common Law a “trial by jury” is a RIGHT and the jury’s verdict is absolute and final. Under Commercial Law, a “jury trial” (NOT a “trial by jury”) is a PRIVILEGE, which may – or may not – be granted to you. And even if you are granted a jury trial, the jury’s verdict is considered to be ADVISORY only upon the judge – who (like the captain of a ship) can do whatever he wants to you. Just try and get a jury trial to contest a traffic ticket !!!!  Under Common Law you would be guaranteed a trial by jury before ANY fine or sentence could be imposed. Under Commercial Law you are NOT guaranteed a jury trial – only a “bench trial” before an administrative judge; NOT a judge sitting in a true judicial capacity. Indeed, the very word “bench” is derived from “BANK”, since in ancient Rome and later Britain, the bankers sat on a bench behind a platform or table. So the judge, acting in an administrative, non-judicial capacity, sits on the “bench” for the bank to collect money from you (the “debtor”) for the government corporation (the “creditor”). Commercial courts deal only in commerce with creditors and debtors!  This administrator-judge acts as both judge and jury, NOT to decide if you (the “debtor”) are guilty or innocent, but rather to consider HOW MUCH you need to pay the “creditor” (the government as a corporation).

Therefore, when the “stars and stripes” flag has GOLD-FRINGE, it is the “U.S. Military Flag of War” signifying martial law or territorial law or maritime-admiralty/commercial law – meaning that Common Law rights and the U.S. Constitution are SUSPENDED or VOID. As noted above, it was traditionally flown over U.S. military buildings ONLY during wartime. Today this flag is now seen most commonly in U.S. COURTS and in the offices of POLITICIANS !!!!

That is why, if you dare to mention your Common Law or Constitutional rights in a COURT ROOM, the judge may tell you to “sit down and shut up!” Unbeknownst to you – and perhaps even your attorney – you are in a MILITARY-ADMIRALTY court of wartime where Common Law and the Constitution do NOT apply! That is why you can be fined or imprisoned by a judge’s “summary judgment”, without a “trial by jury”!  Surprise !!!!! Further, as noted above, if you happen to be granted the “privilege” of a “jury trial”, that verdict (whether guilty or not-guilty) is only “advisory” upon the court – the judge can rule as he wishes.

A “trial by jury” and a “jury trial” are obviously NOT the same entity: the former’s “Not Guilty” verdict is binding on that court; the latter’s “Not Guilty” ”verdict” is NOT binding upon that court and is legally considered ONLY an “advisory opinion” which the judge can accept or reject on a whim –, that is, in a “jury trial” the judge can find a defendant “guilty” by “Summary Judgment” even though the jury found him “Not Guilty”. In a true “trial by jury”, if the judge finds that a “guilty” verdict would result in a gross miscarriage of justice, he has several options: dismissal without prejudice (meaning the prosecutor can appeal that ruling and re-file the charges, requesting a retrial); or dismissal with prejudice (usually due to prosecutorial misconduct) which the prosecutor may not appeal and the defendant is free. But in a real “trial by jury” a judge may NEVER reverse a jury’s “Not Guilty” verdict and rule the defendant “Guilty”; nor may a prosecutor EVER appeal a jury’s “Not Guilty” verdict.

So, if you are ever in COURT – or ANY other government building – and see a gold-fringed flag, you have been WARNED !!! Under the international “Law of the Flag”, the gold-fringed U.S. military flag tells you that, should you decide to enter that courtroom, you have legally “boarded” a maritime vessel where ONLY Admiralty-Commercial Law applies; and that you have agreed to WAIVE your Common Law rights, as well as all protections afforded by the Constitution!!!

NOTE: In a courtroom – even if seen only on TV – did you ever notice the RAILING that separates the judge, prosecutor and defendant from the audience? That this railing closely resembles the railing of an old-style sailing ship is NOT an accident: by crossing through it, you leave behind the “law of the land” and board a vessel operating under the “law of the sea” or Commercial-Maritime Law. The gold-fringed flag near the judge’s bench serves as your second warning that, under the international Law of the Flag, you are about to cross over into the jurisdiction of international maritime-admiralty law.

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  1. Freman lamar sr · · Reply

    Could you please email me a copy of this to thank you for the education open my eyes, wake up

    1. Just copy and paste it off my blog.

  2. New York · · Reply

    FYI: Go to the following site and enter the definitions to your site. I is most pleasing to answer questions correctly when you are dragged into one of those places under armed escorts with no duty to protect you people.

    1. Reply to “New York”:

      1.) I do NOT have a Facebook account. (Do you realize how many COMPANIES track you via Facebook?
      If NOT, please read please the article, “How to see all the companies tracking you on Facebook — and block them” by Jim Edwards (of “Business Insider” – ) dated August 12, 2015


      2.) I have BLOCKED Facebook on all of my own personal computers.

      3.) At the medical-health database programming company I and five partners own in Boston, we
      have BLOCKED all access to Facebook – and other purely “social web site” by our employees at
      our servers. If they want to look at Facebook, they are free do so at their HOMES.

      4.) Since I have been studying this stuff since the early 1970’s when I attended medical school in
      Washington, D.C and became as Civil War “buff” (since most battlefields were within a 1.5-hour drive or less
      from my house in Virginia), I found that to fully understand the root causes of that war, one had to go back to
      the America Colonial era and even British Common Law. That means over 40 years of researching this stuff, in addition to earning a Ph.D. degree in American history, with a specialization in “The Evolution of American Law-Political History from the Colonial Period Through the American Civil War”. (That was the title of my dissertation)

      5.) I have been in a “normal” court room (a Maritime-Admiralty court) only ONCE in my life as a participant in a case: when I got divorced and the settlement of property had ALREADY been agreed to by me and my ex-wife. With neither of us under “oath” (and an “oath” is a “commercial contract”, so I would NEVER agree to “swear an oath” to ANY court; and under international commercial law, there is NOTHING the judge can do to force you to do so!), the judge merely asked us if we both voluntarily agreed to the settlement. We both answered “Yes”; the judge stated “So ordered.” and we were out of there.

      6.) Since the early 1990’s I have NEVER paid a “parking ticket”, “speeding ticket”, etc., even though I have been issued quite a few by the local police, Massachusetts State Police, and various towns and cities (primarily “parking tickets”). Nor have I EVER gone to any federal court upon the receipt of a summons, court order, etc.

      Instead, weeks before any scheduled court appearance I, as a PRIVATE MAN, file a COUNTER-CLAIM against the police officer(s), prosecutor, judge, etc. in which I sue THEM (as PRIVATE MEN or WOMEN; NOT in their roles as officers or agents of the government). I do this writing out an “Affidavit of Truth” in which I challenge their PRESUMPTION that they possess JURISDICTION over me, the private man; and I listed each of my rights that was violated, along with the financial damages I seek to “make me whole”. They ALL make the PRESUMPTION that I have agreed (CONSENTED) to the various contracts (called legislated acts or statutes) that have been offered to me. Under international commercial law and American and British Common Law, any private man has the absolute right to contract with anyone else; or NOT to contract with anyone else. I challenge that presumption and thus their claimed jurisdiction over me in my
      “Affidavit of Truth” sworn under oath and notarized, in which I clearly state that I “assume total and unlimited commercial liability” (this statement is VITAL!) which I deliver to the court and all others involved in a case. By law, each one has between 7-14 days (my choice) to REBUT my affidavit item-my-item in their PRIVATE capacities as a man/woman; NOT as a government official or agent. Further, they each must also state in their “Affidavits of Rebuttal” that each of them “assumes total and unlimited commercial liability” for their affidavits and the outcome of the case – thus, waiving their “limited immunity” granted by their government office.

      If the do NOT each issue an “Affidavit of Rebuttal” within the time allotted – and they almost NEVER do so – then I have WON the case by default. The ancient Maxims of Law apply: “Silence is consent.”; “He, who does not object, consents.”; and “An unrebutted affidavit stands as the truth in Law.” The case is over; I have won. By each NOT rebutting my counter-claim, they have in Law AGREED with everything in m affidavit. NO court in the world can intervene, since there is NO controversy.
      But what do I do when the police come to arrest me for “contempt of court” or some other nonsense? First, you peacefully allow them to UNLAWFULLY arrest you. Next, with just a few hours of paperwork, you can easily convert your “Affidavit of Truth” into a “COMMERCIAL LIEN”. It is an extra-judicial process and requires NO courts, lawyers, etc. (I have an article on “Commercial Liens: A Most Potent Weapon” by Alfred Adask on my blog. Let’s say that in your commercial lien, you demand $50 million from each man/woman named in your “COUNTER-CLAIM” for violating your rights without your having granted them that jurisdiction. If there were 5 people (the government agents, such as the police, prosecutor, judge, clerk of the court, etc), that is $250 million !!! Now, you do NOT really expect them to pay you, right? So, the COMMERCIAL LIEN does is “freezes” ALL of their assets, current and future – without your needing to take physical possession of anything. (By contrast, in a “mechanics lien”, someone who repaired your car and whom you refuse to pay the bill, can retain physical possession of your car until you pay – or he can have a sheriff auction it off to pay the car mechanic.) By “FREEZING” the assets of these 5 people, the can NOT sell an old car to buy a new one, sell their current house to buy a new one, take out a loan using anything the own as collateral, and so on. They are STUCK !!! And since, by NOT submitting rebuttals, they agreed with all you stated, so there is NO controversy. And NO court in the world can intervene in a situation where there is no controversy. And, as for the two policemen who later showed up at your house to arrest you, you simply write their names and addresses, along with a description of your unlawful arrest, on the back of the lien (actually a collection of all documents involved) and charged each of them $50 million as private men. Now, you are owed $350 million! And if ANYONE else, especially another judge, tries to interfere, you add that man/woman also!
      But what good is that, if you can NOT collect it? Good question, with an easy answer. If you REGISTER your lien with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), that lien then becomes a “negotiable instrument” – meaning it is now money!!! You can sell it to an investment bank (usually at 3-4% of its face value) or to anyone else interested in such investments – especially with the money and legal teams to actually force our 7 opponents to SELL all their property and possessions, plus attach all their future income! Or, ore likely, one investment company will sell to another investment company (for a small profit) or to its investor clients. But what about YOU? Well, if you sold the lien for 3% of its “face value” ($350 million) – which is a typical percentage for such liens, that means you received $10, 500,000 USD CASH for about 30 hours of paperwork. If you sold it for 4% of its $350 million “face value”, you received $14 million USD CASH. (And people wonder how these Wall Street lawyers specializing in commercial liens get so filthy rich!!!)
      The final “icing on the cake” is that, because our commercial lien was created to compensate for injuries done to you (charges filed against you based upon presumptions, without any evidence to prove those presumptions; unlawful arrest, etc.), its purpose was to “make you whole” through monetary restitution – which means that the money you receive by selling the lien is NOT taxable!!!
      And if you wanted to be REALLY “nasty”, you could donate the lien to the Vatican or the IRS. Not only will you get tax deductions so huge that you will NEVER have to pay any income taxes for the rest of your life, the VATICAN and IRS will pursue your opponents until the day they die! And a commercial lien is valid for 99 years! And, if placed into a TRUST, it is valid forever. And NO court in the world can void or over-turn a commercial lien.
      I have created commercial liens on several occasions, including against six (6) men working at Boston’s Logan Airport, employed as agents of DHS-CIS (Customs and Immigration Service). I wrote a brief account of the incident and the Commercial Lien Process (CAP) in an essay on this blog titled, “Donuts, the Customs-Immigration Service (CIS), and Commercial Liens”. It contains much more information than this reply. I also suggest that you read “COMMERCIAL LIENS: The MOST POTENT WEAPON” by Alfred Adask et al, 1995. One last note: Commercial liens used to be very common in America prior to World War 2; they were called , “The common man’s path to justice.” Today, only a very few “common men” even know of their existence and their power – probably in part because using the CAP process would take business away from licenses attorneys.

      John-Henry Hill, M.D.

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