Ukraine: The Only Solution (with 5 MAPS) – 12/8/2014

Ukraine: The Only Solution

Comment on Ukraine Conflict as of September 1, 2014

by John-Henry Hill, M.D.

September 1, 2014

Revised: December 8, 2014

First, I am an AMERICAN who has lived in Odessa, Ukraine since 2009.

Let’s put aside the propaganda from all sides.

How about a few FACTS?

1.) After the fall of the Soviet Union, President Bush-1 and other NATO members promised the Russians that NATO would NOT extend itself beyond its then current borders. In 1990 Gorbachev agreed to allow German reunification within NATO after being promised that NATO would not expand “one inch to the east.” (To be precise, it was in February 1990 that Bush’s Secretary of State James Baker promised Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev that NATO would move “not one inch” to the East, if Russia pulled its 24 divisions out of East Germany.) Some NATO members were skeptical about Gorbachev’s motives. British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was the primary the primary NATO leader in favor of giving Russia a chance to “prove herself”. In response Gorbachev withdrew all Soviet military from Afghanistan; then unilaterally withdrew of 500,000 troops and 10,000 tanks from Eastern Europe. It was Presidents Clinton, Bush-2 and Obama who broke that promise, with the addition of 12 NEW countries, plus an aborted attempt by Georgia. Other countries being considered for NATO membership include Cyprus and Macedonia (being blocked by Turkey and Greece, respectively), Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and (once again) Georgia. It these countries, 17 NEW members will have joined NATO following NATO’s “promise” not to expand eastward. And recently Moldava has expressed interest in joining NATO, which will increase the number of NEW NATO members to 18. Ukraine would make it 19. So, the question to be asked is, “WHO is not keeping their pledges?”

2.) It is now well-known that the U.S. State Department, along with the CIA and numerous Western NGOs (non-governmental organizations) planned, financed (at $5 billion USD) and helped orchestrate the Maidan Square demonstrations in Kiev, leading to the February 22, 2014 coup d’etat in Kiev in which duly-elected President Viktor Yanukovich was overthrown and replaced by the U.S. State Department Assistant Secretary Victoria Nuland’s hand-picked choice for Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk (“Yats”). So, again a question arises:”WHO created the Ukraine crisis?

3.) Does anyone recall the CRIMEAN WAR of 1854? Crimea was under Russian control since the 1700’s and Britain was the invader. I have walked and studied this battlefield on a number of occasions – it would NOT have been my choice of a field of battle. Likewise, Ukraine should NOT become the battlefield between the U.S. and Russia.

4.) Russia included Crimea until 1954 when a drunken Krushchev “gave it” to Ukraine. But the city of Sevastopol always remained a “Russian city” with special status by treaty, which also allowed up to 25,000 Russian military personnel to be stationed throughout Crimea.

5.) Eastern and southern Ukraine have been considered part of Russia for centuries. In fact, ALL of what is now Ukraine, except for the northwester region, was historically part of Russia. Kiev was once the CAPITAL of Russia. The northwestern region from Lutsk to Ivano-Frankivsk ccmprises the REAL historic Ukraine, whose culture, customs and language resemble those of POLAND, much more than Russia. Indeed, if one speaks Polish, one is more likely to understand the Ukrainian language.

6.) On the southwestern border of Ukraine exists the Transdnestr Republic (adjacent to Moldava). Transdnestr is historically Russian and has held 2 referenda in which the people overwhelmingly vote for independence and union with Russia. It has its own government, currency, passports, etc., plus a HUGE well-armed military. It was a strategic Soviet military outpost blocking the ONLY practical invasion route (about 15 miles wide) into Ukraine from southern Europe – except for a small area near the intersection of Poland, Belarus and Ukraine. All other routes are blocked by impassable MARSHES and MOUNTAINS. The only other possible invasion routes into Russia proper are through Latvia and Estonia (or Belarus, an ally of Russia), where Russia’a strongest defenses are located. Transdnestr also has about 2,000 elite Russian troops acting as “peacekeepers”, but they are hardly necessary. When the Soviet Army left Transdnestr, it left behind all its military hardware – including missile systems, heavy artillery, tanks, APCs,, heavy machine guns, small arms, etc – along with a vast amount of ammunition. Further, each time the Russian troops in Transdnestr receive “upgraded: weapons systems, the “old” hardware is handed over to the Transdnestr military..

In brief, if NATO should be INSANE enough to attempt to invade Ukraine, its forces will be CRUSHED as soon as they enter Ukraine, if not beforehand.

7.) It is a standing joke that even the Russians blush at the extent of the corruption within the Ukrainian government! The SAME oligarchs that ruled Ukraine in 1992 still rule Ukraine today. The only difference has been the introduction of NATO and U.S. interests, especially through the neo-NAZI political groups from northwestern Ukraine. The U.S., via these neo-NAZI proxies, exercise the REAL political control in Kiev – which means they control who is appointed to the president cabinet (ministries, including the heads of internal security, the military, the central bank and interior ministry), as well as the governors of each OBLAST (similar to a STATE in the U.S.). One has only to visit the northwestern city of Lvov in the Spring to witness the huge crowds watching the annual parades (complete with NAZI flags, German-style uniforms and other NAZI-like memorabilia) commemorating the Ukrainian pro-NAZI regiments that joined the Germany military during World War 2. It is no exaggeration to describe the Right-Sector, Svoboda and other militant Ukrainian groups as neo-NAZIs.

8.) Approximately fourteen (14) Russian troops got lost and wandered into Ukraine. NOT exactly an “invading army” !!!
9.) Entire battalions of Kiev troops have purposely entered Russia on order to escape from attacking anti-Kiev forces. In each instance, Russian troops have given them safety, food, and free, unmolested passage back into Ukraine.
10.) Most of Kiev’s military is composed of “conscripts” with between 2-4 weeks of training, poorly armed and equipped – many Kiev troops were actually offered food by the locals in eastern Ukraine they were supposed to be fighting. (Even the neo-NAZI militia groups, such as the Right-Sector and Svoboda, are better equipped, though also lacking in real combat training.) Ukraine dropped it mandatory military conscription years ago (to save money) knowing that Russia would come to its defense.
11.) On a recent trip to Chisinau, Moldava (adjacent to southwestern Ukraine), we noticed that the highways had roadblocks and ALL bridges across even the smallest of rivers (more like streams) had defensive military positions set up with many troops. WHY? Because, as mentioned above, between Moldava and Ukraine sits the Transdnestr Republic (with Tiraspol as its capital), which has twice voted in referenda to join the Russian Federation, has its own HUGE, well-armed military (as a former strategic Soviet outpost) with artillery, tanks, missile systems, etc – plus approximately 2,000 elite Russian troops as “peacekeepers”, armed with the latest Russian artillery, tanks, missile systems and so on.

12.) Traditionally laws passed in Kiev were frequently ignored by other oblasts and/or large cities, simply because Kiev had no means of enforcing them. The people of Ukraine are truly INDIVIDUALISTS with a strong sense of personal independence. The best analogy I can use is the relation of the states to the U.S. government during the early 1800’s – if the people of a state disagreed with a law passed by the federal government, they simply ignored that law. Even on a local level, it is not uncommon to see a citizen of Odessa arguing with a policeman, in effect asking, “Who the Hell are you to tell me what to do?”

13.) If Russia truly wanted to take over Ukraine by military force, it could do so in 2-3 days maximum coming in from the north, east, southeast and Transdnestr in the west. (Invasion into/out of Crimea is much more difficult, since only 2 narrow – 5 miles wide – land bridges connect Crimea with mainland Ukraine. As the Germans discovered during World War 2, these causeways are highly defensible, especially with modern weapons systems.

14.) Putin and Russia do NOT want to take over Ukraine. Ukraine is an economic “basket case” and offers Russia NOTHING (oil, gas, coal, etc.) that it already does not possess in great abundance. Ukraine would be a HUGE economic drain on Russia. Ukraine Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk (“Yats”) and President Petrov Poroshenko (the “Chocolate King”) desperately NEED a war between NATO and Russia, in order to obtain military and financial aid from the West. And they are willing to issue the most ridiculous PROPAGANDA to achieve that end.

15.) I have said from November 2013 onward that the ONLY solution to Ukraine’s political problems is to hold separate REFERENDA within each OBLAST, asking the people of that oblast whether they want:

a.) Complete independence from the Kiev government;

b.) Independence from the Kiev government, but remaining within a Ukraine Federation (with a Kiev government of very limited powers)

16.) THEN a second round of REFERENDA in each oblast in which the people of each oblast are asked if they wish to:

a.) Maintain their independence as a separate Republic; or

b.) Join with other nearby oblasts to form a union of Republics; or

c.) Join the Russian Federation

From my conversations with the people here in Odessa and various cities in eastern Ukraine, my impression is that most people would choose: 1.) Complete independence from the Kiev government; and 2.) Join with other nearby oblasts to form a union of Republics.

And the eventual outcome:

  • Crimea will remain part of the Russian Federation
  • The southern half of Ukraine will unite to form a new, independent country; perhaps called “New Russia” (see MAP below). “New Russia” will extend from southeastern Ukraine all the way west to include the Transdnestr Republic (still recognized by the West as part of Moldava, but in fact independent from Moldava and very pro-Russian). I do NOT expect “New Russia” to join the Russian Federation – the people in Ukraine and Russia do NOT want that to happen.
  • The remaining northern half of Ukraine will remain all that is left of the NEW “Ukraine”.

This is the ONLY practical and workable solution for the people of Ukraine.






John-Henry Hill, M.D.

retired physician




  1. Firstly, I also an American with a wife from Odessa oblast. Show us the documents that proves US spent $5 bln on the Maidan. Secondly, what countries since that pact have been FORCED to join NATO? Well start with that. The rest of your comments are either from a Russian troll or a nutcase.

    1. 1.) I did a qucik search on (essentially a “secure” version of Google Search) using the terms:
      “Victoria Nuland, speech, 5 billion, Ukraine) and a long list of videos and news article appeared. I recalled
      seeing her speech on Ukrainian TV at that time, looked at several video fro the search, and believe that the
      BEST video is the one that was actually filmed by the U.S. sate Department itself and posted on the State
      Department’s web site a few days later. I consider it the BEST since it shows her ENTIRE speech, unedited.
      (The speech was sponsored by the CHEVRON OIL COMPANY. In fact, the viewer can easily see and read the
      CHEVRON SIGN to the right of Nuland i., to Nuland’s left) hanging on a wall.
      The video is on and is titled. “Victoria Nuland’s Admits
      Washington Has Spent $5 Billion to “Subvert Ukraine”; and is on YouTube at:

      If you forward to approximately 7.40 minutes into the video, you will her
      now infamous line, ““We have invested MORE THAN 5 BILLION DOLLARS to help Ukraine to …”

      2.) A great many of the neo-NAZIs come from northwestern Ukraine (especially around
      the city of Lvov (Lviv), most of whose residents were very pro-NAZI-Germany BEFORE
      and DURING World War 2. In fact, so many Ukrainians from northern and northwestern
      Ukraine DESPISED the Soviet government and supported Hitler’s NAZI Germany that
      before and during World War 2, both men and women VOLUNTEERED to serve in the German Army.
      These volunteers were organized into Ukrainian brigades and regiments, with their own
      NAZi-style uniforms. They were then TRAINED and EQUIPPED by the German Army, serving three
      main functions:
      1.) Some Ukrainian-NAZI brigades served as COMBAT soldiers alongside regular German
      brigades at the Russian Front- in Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Crimea, Russia, etc.
      2.) Some served as guards in German “concentration camps” and were known to be VERY
      A SIDE STORY: About 15-20 years ago a retired auto plant worker (John “Denmjanyuk” -(my spelling of his last name is incorrect) and the U.S. tried for years to extradite him back
      to the former Soviet Union; and later to Ukraine for a “war crimes” trial. In the death camps
      he was so brutal that he was called “Ivan The Terrible” by the prisoners, as well as the few
      German Army officers who would rotate through these camps. A few witnesses were certain it
      was the same man, but ironically it was the Israeli Army Intelligence service that proved
      beyond all doubt that John “Denmjanyuk” as NOT the prison guard called “Ivan The Terrible”.
      In fact, the Israelis identified the REAL “Ivan The Terrible” who was very ill at the time
      and died very soon afterwards. The U.S. government only then reluctantly released John “Denmjanyuk”
      from prison, it then tried to revoke his U.S. citizenship and later force him to leave the U.S.,
      never to return. He continued to live in the U.S.with his rather large family; but he dies before
      the government could even get around to revoking his citizenship (which also fought against
      in court). So although he was held in prison by the U.S. government as a “probable war criminal”
      for many years, he always proclaimed his innocence, was eventually proven NOT to be that particular
      war criminal by Israeli Intelligence, and remainied a U.S.citizen until his death and burial within the U.S.
      3.) Finally, a few Ukrainian brigades actually served with the NAZI S.S. combat regiments, known for their
      fighting skills, tenacity and willingness to quite literally “fight to the death”.

      If you check out the upcoming events in Lvov each year for the upcoming spring, every Spring in Lvov is a
      HUGE event: a “military memorial parade” through the main streets at the center of the city. My wife (Crimean),
      who speaks both Russian and Ukrainian fluently, as well as “conversational English” was STUNNED by what we saw:
      a few very old dressed in their old Ukrainian-German uniforms with German Army-stle helmets, carrying NAZI-like
      flags, along with their old regimental flags and actual NAZI Party flags with the famous Swastika. The crowds were
      ENORMOUS and ENTHUSIASTIC – and never stopped cheering.

      I started shooting some video, but was quickly told to stop or “something bad would happen to me” (translated by my wife).
      We later saw some short “video clips” on the TV news at our Lvov hotel. And I later found on YouTube MANY videos of those
      parades over the last several years, all of which were shot from the second or third story window of some building due to
      the angle of the shots.

      Now, watch the Nuland video speech on YouTube; next and do a YouTube search for the Lvov S
      pring “military memorial parades, then attempt prove to me why you consider me I am a “Russian troll” or a “nutcase”…

      To be honest, I support NEITHER the Kyiv government NOR the eastern Ukraine separatists, simply because after
      all the fighting, killing and destruction of people homes and property, whoever controls ANY new government WILL BE
      as corrupt as all previous governments!!!! One can see that happen throughout history almost every country: the
      “revolutionary” who ousts the old corrupt government becomes nearly as corrupt as the people who ran the previous
      government. As the French adage states, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” In French: “Le changement le
      plus, le plus de la même chose.” Or to use another analogy, we are all “worker slaves” for those in power – NOT our
      elected officials, but rather those ultra rich and powerful people who control most of major human-controlled events
      that occur throughout the world. With the election of each NEW president, senator, member of Parliament, Congressman,
      or whatever, NOTHING of any significance for the masses of the people ever changes. Through the election process, you are NOT
      changing those who truly OWN us “worker slaves”; you are merely changing those officials who oversee our daily activities for
      our true owners.
      e left
      regimental flags

      1. Caught me at a bad time. Cooking. I do intend to reply, as the OUN split up, due to many didn’t agree with German corroboration. I’ll also give you more history of its history that I did research on for over 2 years. Talk at you soon.

      2. Let’s start with how this started. The majority of Ukrainians were for heading towards the EU. Many plls regarding that, including western Ukraine and also, “More than half (56%) said they felt a stronger sense of loyalty to Europe than to Russia”. 56% said it would be good for Ukraine to join the EU. “Two out of three people said they were optimistic about the political future of the country (65%) and the same proportion (67%) said they were optimistic about its economic future.” All this data is available at: And that’s just one external poll. To label Kyiv as Nazi’s is ludicrous.

        Now to cover your incomplete comment of Ukraine’s history. The OUN divided in which some went with the German Nazi’s to fight off the Red Army. They already lost from 7-10 million from the Ukraine famine in 1932-33. They weren’t going to go through that again. The OUN members that didn’t go with the Nazi’s were led by Stepan Bandera. Here’s another piece of propaganda. Official documents show two subjects. First. Germans have official documentation that states Bandera was imprisoned for working with Jews. Also! Bandera had Jewish officers in its ranks. Him and his wife actually hid Jews for their protection. There’s much more I can mention about Ukrainian history but I’m probably not being taken seriously by you John. Seems your post is leaving many holes in your reporting. I’m an American and I’m married to a Ukrainian since 2006. My mother-in-law was a Holodomor (Ukraine famine) survivor. She told me in an interview I had with her what Ukrainians had to do to survive and what the Red Army did to her and her family. I’ve gotten firsthand information from her.

        In 2005 I was introduced to Steve Bandera who’s Stepan Bandera’s grandson. He was a 5 Kanal news anchor, then did op-eds for Kyivpost. We mingled quite often, when I traveled to Ukraine twice a year. We would go to Baraban which is a watering hole in Kyiv where many journos hung out. I would ask him questions which he would give me information. Being in the middle of the fence, that’s when I started doing research on Ukraine’s history that took me into 2008. I wanted to find out if what he was telling me was correct and if I can get confirmation. There’s a plethora of documentation from the Ukrainian government to back it up, if you want to find out the truth. If you don’t then it’s an indication you don’t want to know the truth. You’d rather follow what people tell you via the media. Goes to your credibility.

        Have you seen or read personal interviews from eastern Ukrainians thanking the likes of Right Sector for saving them? Probably not. Have you seen the numbers of eastern Ukrainians including Tatars heading to the Lviv area for shelter? Have you heard there are restaurants that have added dishes that Tatars are use to eating in Lviv? Obviously not. THINK! Why would the supposed Right Sector or what you would call Nazi’s go to eastern Ukraine to save mainly Russians that have lived in that area for decades? Why would the same people go to get shelter out of all places in Lviv, Rivne and other western cities? Don’t tell me you haven’t heard of it. It’s because you don’t want to hear of it. You’d rather hear that Ukrainians are Nazi’s.

        Have you seen the video of Russian Nazi’s beheading two immigrants? Obviously not. Do you know how many Neo-Nazi’s in the US (my country)? Or in western Europe? Tell us what continent is Nazi free?

        Ukraine had a chance in 2004 election to head towards being a part of the EU, until Tymoshenko screwed it all up for Yuschenko. She was power hungry and greedy. She even signed an agreement with Yanukovich to share powers if they could bring Yushchenko down. Were you aware of that? Since then there’s NEVER been as much changed in the Ukrainian government to clean it up as there has been in the last year. You wouldn’t probably know. I have a news site and a forum. I spend up to 18 hours daily researching and posting the news I know the backbone of this current government. I know who holds what positions that is important to get it on the right track. When you say the same crime and corruption will continue with this administration, you are so wrong. Tell us. Where’s Yanukovich, Azarov and who knows how many other top thugs that ran under Yanukovich? Why aren’t they coming back? Why have there been charges brought against them by the current government in international courts? Where’s the old Prosecuting General? If the current government were crooked Nazi’s, they’d still be in Ukraine. When was the last time there was an attempt to pass an anit-corruption law, or a lustration and immunity law? When was the last time the crooked tax police were done away with? When was the last time the Regions Party had as little amount of MPs in the Rada? You don’t know half of the changes that have already taken place in Ukraine. And for you to label the current administration as Nazi’s, because that’s what you’re implying, is so narrow-minded and uneducated. And for someone at your level of education, it’s totally irresponsible to talk trash without doing research.

        I’ll check this link in a couple of days to see if my post is still around. I didn’t want to embarrass your intelligence, but facts are facts.

        If you want to follow the Ukrainian news, you can go to either or If you’re really serious about knowing facts and not propaganda. Have a good night.

        1. We will have to “agree to disagree”. The “Neo-cons” U.S. government (greatly influenced the Federal Reserve; the huge investment banks in NYC and London; by NATO members who are “puppets” of the U.S. government) are the instigators and people who began and financed this coup in Ukraine, for which U.S. Assistant Secretary of State VICTORIA PUBLICLY stated the U.S> State Department has spent $5 BILLION USD; and (as we know from the leaked phone) who personally chose Arseniy Yatsenyuk as the Prime Minister of the post-coup government. Yatsenyuk was previously the CEO of a Polish bank with the largest numbers of branches of any bank within Ukraine and who has been pro-Western for many years.

          Frankly, as a NON-UKRAINIAN the financial resources to move to and live anywhere in the world I choose, I have “no dog in this fight”, meaning that the outcome of the Ukraine Crisis will NOT affect me however it turns out.

          However, I wrote what I observed, read and believe, And I KNOW as fact (due to my political contacts within the U.S. government) that the strategy of the “Neo-cons” in the U.S. was, is and will continue to be the isolation and destruction (most probably, economically) by stopping Russia’s “SouthStream Pipeline”; by surrounding Russia with NATO members; and by supplanting Russia as the primary source of natural gas and oil to Europe (Russia’s primary source of income) by building a news oil and gas pipelines from IRAQ through SYRIA and into Europe. That is why Assad of Syria must be removed by the U.S. and the U.S. gain control of Syria and re-gain control of all of Iraq.

          When this new oil/gas pipelines from IRAQ via SYRIA into Europe are completed, Europe will no longer need to purchase oil and natural gas from Russia – which means that Ukraine (which receives over $1 billion USD from European countries as “Transit Fees” for this oil and gas) will be “SCREWED”, along with Russia to a much lesser degree. BUT the U.S.. by controlling most of the oil and natural gas imported by Europe, will then possess even GREATER control over all European countries.

          Further, despite the recent efforts of China, Russia and other BRICS nations to establish a NEW “world’s reserve currency” )probably backed by GOLD BULLION), once Russia is deprived of its enormous profits from selling oil and natural gas to Europe, this attempt to establish a NEW “world’s reserve currency” for international commerce will probably fail; and the U.S. will have been “saved” – although it has been back by NOTHING since 1973 by then President Nixon.

          Te fact is that Ukraine is simply a PAWN in the U.S. strategy against Russia. The U.S. government and the countries of Europe truly do NOT GIVE A DAMN what happens in Ukraine or to it people. The U.S. is simply using Ukraine to achieve the strategy it has had since the break-up of the old Soviet Union: to ensure that NO country, especially Russia, grows powerful enough (economically and militarily) to EVER challenge U.S. dominance of the entire world. (This strategy id discussed in numerous books and articles published by Zbignew Brezinzski, Henry Kissinger, John Paul Roberts, and major political figures in previous presidential administrations dating back to presidents Carter and Reagan up to Bush-2 and Obama.

          Further, what President PUTIN does NOT understand is that the U.S. will NEVER cease in its efforts! NEVER !!! That instinct and attitude is part of the “American character” – to NEVER QUIT and to DO ANYTHING NECESSARY TO SUCCEED, using whatever means (legal or illegal) to achieve one’s goals. This is taught to all American children throughout their lives and perhaps the WORST INSULT to any American is to be called a “QUITTER” – someone who stopped his attempts to achieve a particular goal (whether in sports, academic, business, personal relationships or whatever). In America. some who fails but NEVER QUITS is considered a “hero” in America: people will state, “He may have been knocked down, but he pulled himself up by his bootstraps. dusted himself off and tried again.” This person is the most admired among Americans. Conversely, a person who fails in something and simply “gives up” trying is called a “QUITTER”, a true mark of shame, and someone to be despised.

          Until Putin, Europe and especially the political leaders and people of Ukraine realize that they a simply PAWNS in the U.S> strategy AND that the U.S. government will NEVER STOP in its efforts, this and other crises caused by the U.S. government will NEVER be resolved.

          Best wishes,

          John-Henry Hill

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