Jeff Gray and the Stupidity of Florida Law Enforcement Officials

TO: Three Florida law-enforcement personnel

Kimberly A. Presti

Racheal R. Moore

Shannon Sandberg,

SUBJECT: About Jeffrey Gray (known as “HonorYourOath” on

DATE: June 18, 2014

 Jeffrey Gray (known as “HonorYourOath” on has a huge and enthusiastic following. As do many other people, I consider him a true patriot for his continuing defense of the First Amendment to the Constitution..

Contrary to the August 21, 2013 report by Shannon Sandberg, he has never stated that he seeks “to draw deputies/officers into a confrontation”. Rather, he has clearly stated in his videos that his goal is to record the response of government agents to a citizen exercising his rights guaranteed by the First and Fourth amendments to the Constitution.

Upon request he presents his “assertion of rights card” containing his name and birth date, so there was NO need to “use his vehicle tag” to identify him (as Shannon Sandberg asserted).  He freely identifies himself to law enforcement personnel – something he is NOT required to do since he has violated no laws by filming.

Your report stated “appears to try to draw attention to himself”. — Really?  How?

By using a video camera? If he was dressed in a clown costume and was dancing in the street, THAT would be “trying to draw attention to himself”! A report also listed him as a “suspicious person” and to “use caution if contact is made”. What could be more benign than a person taking photographs? I doubt I would ever be afraid of Mr. Gray. Unfortunately, I can NOT say the same when in the presence of the police and other agents of government!

Thus, the question arises: Are you folks totally INSANE ???????

You folks are the “American Gestapo” with no understanding of American legal history or the law (the Common Law, which still remains the “law of the land” today and is superior to statutory law, as affirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court). Mr. Gray is attempting to preserve the rights of the people. It is people such as YOU who are destroying freedom in America.

John-Henry Hill, M.D.


“They must find it difficult, those who have taken authority as truth, rather than truth as authority.”Gerald Massey



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