Open Letter to President Obama from an American in Ukraine 3/3/2014

Open Letter to President Obama from an American in Ukraine

March 3, 2014


White House

Washington, D.C.

Dear Mr. Obama,                                            March 3, 2014

I am an American currently living in Ukraine since 2009 (with homes in Odessa and Simferopol, Crimea; also in Scotland and Switzerland). What the American press has failed to report is that the new “government” in Kiev, Ukraine has VERY LITTLE support throughout the rest of Ukraine. Second, extremely well-armed ultra-right groups (such as the literally neo-NAZI “Right-Sector” group) now control Kiev and literally dictate to the new government. The Right-Sector and its affiliated ultra-right groups (such as the Svaboda – Freedom group) are NOT ordinary Ukrainian citizens “taking to the streets”. In fact, these neo-NAZI groups include professional mercenaries with combat experience against Russian troops in such places as Georgia and Chechnya. Right-Sector members, armed with automatic rifles, now patrol the streets of Kiev; and violently suppress any dissent against their control – including violent beatings, shootings and the burning of numerous opponents’ homes. Right-Sector and Svaboda members are also situated in government buildings, including the Ukraine Parliament (Duma). Before the “acting president” and “acting prime minister” make any decisions, they first consult with Right-Sector and Svaboda leaders. In several instances (caught on video and now posted on YouTube) these neo-NAZIs, with their machine guns on the table, can be seen loudly and threateningly dictating their demands to the meek-looking “new government” officials. So, much for democracy!

The acting prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, a multi-millionaire former banker with long-standing ties to European banks, just announced that his government will sell off (“privatize”) Ukraine’s state gas company to private European Union interests – as the IMF has demanded – along with “austerity measures” such as increases in gasoline, oil, natural gas and food prices for ordinary Ukrainians.The new head of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) – Ukraine’s central bank – is Stepan Kubiv, the former CEO of Kredobank, which has the largest Polish investment in Ukraine banks. Today, European investment is 99.6% of share capital in Kredobank, while Ukrainian capital is a meager 0.4% of Kredobank. The European Union and  international bankers already had  a strong foothold in Ukraine; now they are getting ready to LOOT the country!

Your public statement on Friday, March 1, 2014 warning Russian officials that there “will be costs” if they militarily intervene in Crimea, Ukraine was the ultimate in hypocrisy! Are you totally INSANE?

Let us review a hypothetical scenario:

Suppose the Chinese government funded (approximately $5 Billion U.S. dollars) and publicly supported Americans seeking to oust the U.S. President from office by force of arms. Twenty thousand of these armed American citizens (primarily from California, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and Florida) riot and storm the White House, Congress and other federal buildings – many of which are looted and set ablaze. Hundreds of these “neo-NAZI” American rioters have fully-automatic rifles and semi-automatic pistols, with which they shoot the police, along with some of their less belligerent fellow rioters and other people who may disagree with the neo-NAZIs. Next some high-ranking Chinese government officials, including China’s foreign minister, appear in-person in Washington alongside the rioters and publicly praise the rioters for their behavior. It is soon learned that these many of the neo-NAZI rioters are actually highly trained in small arms and equipped with military-grade weapons and protective gear. After months of rioting, the police (heretofore unarmed) are finally allowed to defend themselves by using firearms against a few select neo-NAZI rioters who are shooting at the police.

The President is forced to flee to Canada, as are numerous senators and congressmen of that political party. Those senators and congressmen who remain in Washington are threatened with deadly force to conform their voting decisions to the wishes of the neo-NAZI rioters – or else risk beatings and perhaps death. New temporary government officials (e.g., president, vice-president, House Speaker, Senate Majority Leader, CIA director, NSA director, FBI director, ALL cabinet members and all Federal Reserve members) replace those forced from office – not by elections, but only after approval by the armed neo-NAZI rioters.

Eventually the neo-NAZI rioters force the de facto political officials to enact new statutes and decrees, such as requiring that all Americans speak only Spanish and that henceforth all legal and commercial documents will be in Spanish only. Another new statute sets up Roman Catholicism as the official American religion. The new de facto government leaders next begin negotiations with private and state-owned banks in China, North Korea, India, Iran, and Russia to fund the government’s debt interest payments. In return, these banks are requiring the U.S. government to raise income taxes; institute a national sales tax; raise prices on food, gasoline, oil, gas and electricity, as well as requiring the development of plans for the “privatization” of all government-owned properties and services, along with the selling off of all national parks and other federal lands. In addition, the banks may soon require that 10% of depositors’ bank accounts be seized as debt interest payments, followed by the seizure of 20% of the value of all other assets privately held by the people.

The people in the remaining states become very worried. They fear that the neo-NAZIs will soon control the entire nation and begin a program of massive oppression. They may have thought the previous President to be corrupt and incompetent, but they oppose this coup d’etat by the neo-NAZIs and do not recognize the newly-appointed officials as their legitimate government. The states from New England to the Pacific North-West, having long-standing friendly relations and trade with Canada, view Canada’s military as their only hope to save their nation and its constitution. Soon thereafter, the Canadian troops are seen entering the major port cities of New England, as well as several other American cities in New York and Michigan.

Finally, the Chinese Premier gives a speech on international television declaring that the “intervention by Canadian troops will not be tolerated” and that there “will be costs” to Canada for this action.

Would not the Chinese Premier be a hypocrite? Would he not be considered a LUNATIC, given that he caused the problem in the first place? Would not Canada be justified in sending troops into bordering states, given the fact that the American people in those neighboring states welcome these troops?

Mr. Obama, you are not simply a TOTAL IDIOT – you are a VERY DANGEROUS TOTAL IDIOT!

My wife (a Ukrainian citizen from Crimea) and I welcome the Russian troops in Crimea and hope that they expand their control further into Ukraine until the political situation stabilizes and a truly legitimate government serving ALL Ukrainians is in control in Kiev.

Yours truly,

John-Henry Hill, M.D.

“They must find it difficult, those who have taken authority as truth, rather than truth as authority.”Gerald Massey


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