The Police-Gestapo in America: Gem County, Idaho police search home WITHOUT a search warrant

The Police-Gestapo in America:Gem County, Idaho police search house WITHOUT a search warrant

On August 16, 2012 police officers from the Gem County, Idaho (north of Boise) Sheriff’s Office attacked the residents and searched (without a search warrant) the home of Michael  Gibbons and Marcella Cruz. The supposed reason for the “visit” was a “wellness check”. The police officers physically forced the home owners out of their home, after which the residents were handcuffed. The officer who assaulted Marcella Cruz has been identified as Detective Rich Perecz. Three officers, armed with fully-automatic M-16 rifles and semi-automatic pistols, entered the home and conducted a search of the entire residence in search of marijuana. They found NOTHING. Michael Gibbons is a prize-winning grower of TOMATOES! Neither Michael  Gibbons or  Marcella Cruz has a criminal record. Again, the police officers possessed NO SEARCH WARRANT and refused to tell the residents why their home was being searched.

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It seems that such unlawful and illegal acts by the new American POLICE-GESTAPO, armed and ready as if they were about to invade POLAND,  occur MANY TIMES every day!!!!  What ever happened to the 4th Amendment and the requirement for a SEARCH WARRANT issued by a judge upon receipt of a written and signed (under penalty perjury with full commercial liability) AFFIDAVIT citing evidence of “probable cause” for a search, and listing the places to be searched and the items being looked for??????

In 1775 such acts by British soldiers ignited a REVOLUTION in Boston, Massachusetts and throughout the colonies! Where is the OUTRAGE today? Or are Americans so brain-dead that they will accept ANY unlawful act the government perpetrates?

In Britain and America, a man can lawfully KILL any intruder into one’s home (under the Common Law, as recognized by the U.S. Supreme Court even today) – even POLICE who do not possess a search warrant.

I think it past time for this remedy to be employed against police who attempt such unlawful home invasions! SHOOT THE BASTARDS !!!  Or are Americans today just a bunch of PUSSYS ?????????




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